Monday, July 15, 2013

Worship Essentials

Recently I confessed my frustration with the lack of variety and style on Christian radio stations. I have always been careful to bite my tongue on the issue because the most important thing about Christian music and radio is that it's inspiring us to worship Christ throughout my day. I also don't want to offend anyone who enjoys the music as-is on the radio currently. Worship is worship, whether it fits my style or not and ultimately it's a matter of the heart. So I want to explain that I understand that.

With that being said, I feel like there is a HUGE world of wonderful Christian music that many don't know about because, honestly, Christian music doesn't get a lot of advertisement. So the intention of this post is to share some of my worship essentials for those who are like me and are looking for a little variety. If you don't want to take the time to look these up yourself, you can just go to my Spotify playlist and listen here: Worship. I update it every now and then when I come across a song or band that I really like. It's a wide range of stuff but it's like my own personal radio :)

My Essentials:

1. Jars of Clay
If you grew up in the 90's I don't need to even explain. They will always be classic to me.

2. Rich Mullins
I used to stick my nose up at Rich Mullins music because I didn't care so much for his style or voice, but as I've matured and studied how he lived his life I am drawn in by his incredible lyrics. Just do a little searching through his stuff and you're bound to find something. My favorite song is "Calling Out Your Name" and Chris Rice has a great cover of it. (On my worship playlist)

 3. Chelsea Moon and Uncle Daddy
4. The Lower Lights
These guys have some amazing covers of classic hymns. However, I feel like I need to state that they are Mormons and not every song is a hymn. So search wisely, but they have some really amazing stuff. 

5. Page CXVI

These guys are probably one of my favorites. They have quite a few albums out (and recently announced a big project that will release albums during the major holidays). And for you mama's out there, they have an AMAZING lullaby album. My favorite.

6. Bethel Music
One of my favorite songs.

7. Bethany Dillion
She does a cover of Rich Mullins' "You Did Not Have a Home" and it is incredible. This EP is one of my favorites.

8. Ellie Holcomb
Wife of Drew Holcomb (of Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors). Sadly this is her only solo album out right now but it is one of my all. time. favorites. I read somewhere that she is working on a second, thank goodness!

9. Hillsong United
10. The Welcome Wagon

If you're a fan of Sufjan Stevens, you'll be a fan of this couple. Some of it gets a little too weird for my taste, but they have a version of "There Is a Fountain Filled With Blood" that I LOVE.

My list could go forever (it kind of did, sorry) and there are so many great songs out there (most of them on my playlist) that I wish I could share. And if you think I'm missing something please share! I love exploring new music. I hope you can find something you enjoy and something that ultimately allows you to worship Christ throughout your day.

Cheers, Jord.


rachey said...

Thanks for sharing! I'm excited to check these out! Have you heard of Rend Collective Experiment? They sound a little like Mumford & Sons, and have some great songs. Also, I love the band Citizens! My favorite one of theirs is Oh God - it's so worshipful!

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