Sunday, July 7, 2013

Mini Vacation

I love the lake.
I can only do it for a few days at a time until I start to feel hungry for the real world (or at least the comforts of it) but getting away and spending time with my family is always refreshing. 
What I love most about the lake is that it requires very little. Simple food. Simple clothing. Simple entertainment. You sit around with people you love, laughing and telling stories (sometimes over and over again :), without needing to look at the clock. Everyone's without makeup, skin-drenched in sunscreen with dirty hair up and out of the way. Any attempt to be stylish and impressive is peeled away like a day-old sunburn. I strive for my life to be like that all the time. To focus more on the company and less on the image I display of myself (but more on that another time...). 

I have great memories of growing up around the lake and it was special for me to introduce Penny to that little piece of my life. The family welcomed her with open arms (even the 6:30am alarm clock she came with) and she came home full of more love and empty of any energy she brought with her. That's how the lake should be.
My family is the kind that refuses to let you have anything but a good time. They don't need much to be happy and that's what I love about them. Hobo's and silly yard games can only be fully enjoyed around them and I even willingly admit my genuine love for Journey, Boston, and Huey Lewis and the News...but only when they're around ;)

This is Penny's first experience of the lake!

 Her favorite part was the sand. She dug around silently for probably an hour. Never once tried putting it in her mouth, just loved transporting it from one bucket to another. I absolutely love watching her discover new things!
 Taking a nap on the deck.
10 weeks pregnant with little baby brother or sister!
 I was a little tense at the thought of sand being EVERYWHERE, but after seeing how much fun she was having I got over that quickly.
We are so thankful for a little mini vacation to the lake. It wasn't easy with a 9 month old, but we still had a blast and we're looking forward to the many more summers to come!


Anonymous said...

Cute photos. Penny is growing so much :)

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