Thursday, March 14, 2013

{Spring Lovin'}

My little boho babe :)

I'm pretty sure Penny woke up yesterday a new baby. 
She is so. much. fun. Well, she's always been fun. But she just started randomly sitting by herself and laughing all the time and checking herself out in the mirror (hilarious). I feel like I'm hanging out with her instead of just taking care of her and it's AWESOME.

I'm also really stoked for the warm weather.
So I made a playlist. Shocker.
It rocks.
It has all of the spring essentials. Some old, some REALLY old, and some new stuff I'm digging. Hope you enjoy!

Have a listen here: {Spring Vibes}


*Crystal Gustafson* said...

She is sooooooo stinkin' cute.

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