Sunday, October 30, 2011


I had a wonderful birthday. (Mostly because I got to spend the whole day with my husband which automatically makes it a great day.) I'm finding that the older I get, the more I want to relax and lay in bed on my birthday. I suppose my early morning job would contribute to that, as well. It hit me when I woke up that I'm 22 years old. Only 22. I'm not even at my quarter life! Sometimes I feel so old and overwhelmed when I think of bills and jobs and groceries, but I'm still so young! Lord willing, I have so many years of joy and trials and experience ahead of me and yesterday morning that really excited me. I am so blessed to be at this stage in my life and I owe every joy to Christ.

 We started the day out by getting breakfast at our favorite coffee shop in Lincoln, The Mill.

 Yesterday was the perfect fall day. I could still feel a little warmth in the air :)
 Truman, being the wonderful husband that he is, allowed me to do a little shopping/antiquing. He was such a trooper!
 I could browse through used vinyl for hours. I'm always certain that there will be at least one record that belongs with me...thankfully I found two!
After dinner in the Haymarket, we decided to wander around downtown and ended up in another coffee shop, go figure.
We stopped by Rocket Fizz for some sweets.
 And we ended the evening by grooving to Glenn Miller and his orchestra.
 I will never grow tired of his smile.
 Cheers to a year of adventure,


A Simple Homemaker said...

Love it! So glad you had a great day with your man. Ps. You two are adorable....just sayin. :)

Anonymous said...

suuuper cute! Happy Belated birthday! - Sarah Rat

renaissanceSandi said...

Looks like everything that a birthday should be! Enjoy these lazy days with this man you love...there really is nothing better! P.S. 6 weeks until wedding...we should talk cupcakes soon!

where the hart is said...

you two are my favorite.

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