Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer Goals

Last summer was just okay. I enjoyed the slow pace of life in Central City/Grand Island and I listened to great music, but we didn't really do anything fun. We didn't do anything to soak up the precious time of summer. I am a HUGE summer person and I can't stand wasting a day of sunshine. Of course since I'm a grown up now I can't just spend every day sleeping in and laying at the pool (darn) but I have found a way to enjoy as much summer time as possible...a goal list! 

I decided that if I was going to make this summer special I was going to have to plan it out (not all planning--spontaneous adventures can be just as fun). So here's my list so far...

1. Visit the Omaha Farmer's Market
Haven't done this since I was a little lass and I'm living in Omaha now soooo....

2. Visit Lincoln Farmer's Market
I really, really, really miss the Haymarket

3. Jazz on the Green
Never been. But I've heard it's a blast.

4. Miletta Vista Winery
This is the most beautiful winery I have been to in Nebraska. It sits on a hill in St. Paul and has the most beautiful scenery. I plan on sipping wine, sitting on the deck, and watching the sun go down.

5. Slattery Vintage Estates
We are going "Glamping" my friends. Yes, Glamorous Camping. I thought this only existed in Montana (I looked into it as a honeymoon possibility) so I was thrilled to find out about this winery outside of Lincoln. Trums and I have booked a night in July when they have a bluegrass concert. Woo!

6. Holy Family Shrine
We live really close to thing. I have driven by it a million times and need to finally get up there to see what it's all about.

7. Kayak down the Might River Platte
This is one of my favorite memories of last summer. The scenery isn't breathtaking or anything, but it's very peaceful...and a great workout for the arms.

8. Roca Berry Farm
I know nothing about this farm! But it looks like something fun to do. Any comments?

9. Arbor Day Farms
We went to Arbor Day Farms last fall but it was after the leaves had fallen...kind of pointless! I'd love to go in the summer when everything is green. I'd also like to do a little wine tasting.

I am always down for more suggestions!


An Aspiring Culinary Artist said...

10. Visit your lonely friend, a.k.a. Sharon Rhodes, in Lincoln.

Anonymous said...

Roca is great in the fall. We love to take the boys to the pumpkin patch. You could go with us:)

Aunt Sara

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