Monday, June 21, 2010

First Aid Kit

I was flipping through the recent Nylon magazine and read about these girls. They were placed under the "folk" category so I had to check them out--I fell in love. A few lyrics are a bit iffy and I don't necessarily agree with, but their sound is incredible.

It's different, no doubt. To me, they are Tilly & the Wall meets Neko Case meets the female (better) version of Fleet Foxes. Give them a try! If anything, admire their cute pictures.



Samantha Renée said...

Soo... I am friends with both Klara and Johanna on facebook. hah... One night I found their personal fb pages and added them as a joke. Klara immediately started chatting with me and we talked about her love for Omaha/Saddle Creek! We talk about once a week now, and they wanted me to come to their San Fran show a few weeks ago, but I had to watch the girls the next morning haahaha. They are sweet, sweet girls.

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