Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Twenty Ten.

So. It's finally the new year. I suppose this means I should start following through with my resolutions. I have, in fact. Last night my roommate Sharon and I cooked Chicken Pesto Pasta and Apple Tarts for our men. It was a great meal, great fellowship, and a huge mess. I even made sure to take pictures (16. documenting my life more). Sharon and I also cleaned out the kitchen yesterday which was disgusting.
To start things off, I wanted to list my New Years resolutions. I'll spend January going into detail. There is a reason for each one of them. But for now, here's the list:

1. Blog the year about New Years resolutions

2. Paint again

3. One Year Bible

4. Exercise daily (yoga, pilates, etc).

5. Prepare for being a wife

6. Journal each night

7. Quote of the night

8. "Go Green"

9. Improve eating habits (more non processed foods)

10. Support sex-trafficking

11. Buy/support music more often (Once a week?)

12. Volunteer

13. Embrace friendship

14. Accomplish 5 things from Life List
1) Carve in a tree
2) Spend an entire day without technology
3) Spend a whole day barefoot
4) Buy nothing day (Once a month)
5) Watch the sun rise

15. Accomplish the art of cooking

16. Document my life

17. Be a better sister

18. Spend more time with nature

19. Finish the books on my bookshelf before I buy another

20. Find a pen pal

Yep, it's quite a few. Obviously it will take a whole year to get these things done. I figure if I blog it will keep me going (and I'll have some cool pictures to share). Number one doesn't need explaining, so I will explain number two tomorrow.

Au Revoir


Carolina said...

why would you support sex-trafficking? isn't that some sort of modern day sex slavery?

Notes From A Ragamuffin said...

Ha, you definitely misunderstood me I am a big supporter of the fight against sex trafficking. So by that I meant to support the cause against. I would never support sex slavery of women. Ever.

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