Thursday, November 1, 2012

{1 Month}

 (Not happy to be taking her 1 month pictures...)
 (Family pic on my birthday)
Today our baby girl is 4 weeks old.
Some days it feels like these four weeks have been four years and some days I feel like I can't fit enough hours in. I laugh at how I took things for granted before her like uninterrupted showers and brushing my teeth before 2 p.m. but she's worth it. I'm so lucky to spend every day with this gal.

Fun facts about Penny:

-she is an animal when it comes to feeding. literally, she grunts. we get such a kick out of watching her eyes widen when she knows it's time to eat.

-she eats all. the. time. I feel like a human pacifier. Some days I'm really discouraged by it, but I'm trying to enjoy those moments we share together.

-lately the only thing that will calm her down is to blast music from the record player and dance in front of it. she hates to be standing still so we do A LOT of bouncing (and dropping, thanks Sharon :) I'm so used to bouncing that when I was putting makeup on the other day (which is a very rare thing now) I caught myself bouncing back and forth.

-she's finally sleeping 3-4 hours in a row during the night. it's not consistent yet. she still has nights where all she wants to do is eat and fuss, but I feel like we're making progress.

-I'm starting to notice she'll look into my eyes a little longer now especially when I'm singing to her. I can't wait until she can interact a little more.

-She can only sleep if she is swaddled tightly. She wiggles around like crazy (sometimes she even turns herself around in the bassinet) so it's impossible for her to sleep without it. 

-When she's napping without her swaddle, she enjoys swinging her arms around like a mad woman (hints the pictures above). 

I'm so excited for the holiday season to begin and to start our own little family traditions!


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