Saturday, October 13, 2012

{Penny's First Week}

The first week was difficult. We were getting 1-2 hours of sleep each night and I couldn't get around very easily. There were lots of tears shed, (90% hormonal) tears of joy and frustration. Truman and I couldn't stop saying "I can't believe we made her!". The most challenging part has been the breastfeeding. Before, Penny was born, I couldn't wait to breastfeed. The concept was so beautiful to me- God created my body to nurture my baby. I was so excited to bond in that way. Plus, all of the videos I watched made it look so easy. Once I found that it's not as easy as it looks, I was incredibly discouraged. It hurt, she wasn't latching on correctly, and we were both getting frustrated. It was my first "failure" (of many to come) and it was hard not to feel like a bad mother. Thankfully the gals at Milkworks have helped us and we are making progress...the little gal even slept 6 hours total last night!

Coco meeting Penny for the first time. She didn't know what to think. But she has adjusted now.
Daddy already has her watching motocross.
She loves to be tightly swaddled. That"s the only way we can get her to sleep.
Her favorite spot is on our chests, mainly daddy's. He has the magic touch when she's being fussy.

Being cuddled by Aunt Ash and Aunt Kal.
Always has a hand up by her face. She was like that in the womb.

Though the first week was rough (which, honestly, I anticipated) I am so full of joy and content. I am soaking up every family snuggle in bed, every adorable little sneeze, every unintentional smirk, and every cry because she just wants to be held. This girl has forced me to slow down and just enjoy. And I love her for that.

My favorite moment so far was when we were all snuggling in bed. She was starting to get fussy so we put her on Truman's chest and played "Great God Bird" by Sufjan Stevens. Trums was singing along and it put her to sleep instantly. That song means so much to the both of us because we listened to it a lot during our first year of dating. We laid in bed and spent hours talking about memories from the past. I felt so thankful at that moment and so amazed at God's perfect plan. The song isn't recorded on any of his albums so we have to listen to YouTube.

You can listen to Penny's current playlist here.


where the hart is said...

Can't get enough of the cuteness. I just love her (and you and Truman) so much!

Amanda Fries said...

She is adorable! Can I ask where you got the chevron blanket? I'm doing some chevron in baby boy's nursery :)

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